Helping clients achieve better health communications through technology

The vast majority of healthcare information is accessed through digital channels. That’s why Omnicom Health Group launched iVenturesHealth, a dedicated technology-enablement group. iVenturesHealth has a simple goal: to help life science companies use technology to communicate better, manage digital better, and innovate more smartly. We offer technology consulting services and data management expertise, along with proprietary software solutions to help clients manage work and connect with customers more effectively.

Technologists, digital strategists, data analysts, PMs and developers serving our clients
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We are also partnering with leading technology and analytics companies like Google, IBM Watson and Annalect to support our products and services.

Top Digital Picks

Our Digital Health Picks for 2018

At Omnicom Health Group, we’ve read a lot of digital trend reports for 2018, and picked the top five areas that have been evolving rapidly in the healthcare space over the last two years. To help keep you better informed, we have included references and links with rich resources in all five areas. We expect that in 2018, these technological innovations will allow for more efficient care coordination, evolve how patients are treated, and improve healthcare delivery and communications.

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Facial Recognition

The Face as the Key to Unlocking Health Information

At Omnicom Health Group, we’ve observed that facial recognition is not only pervasive across consumer devices (eg., accessing smartphones), but that healthcare is also rapidly applying the technology for its stakeholders.

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Blockchain Technology: How It Can Play a Major Role in Healthcare

At Omnicom Health Group, we understand that the Blockchain technology is a hot topic in industries such as financial services, but we also know that healthcare is planning the most aggressive deployments to solve challenging problems like getting patient health records to connect. Executives in healthcare and life science organizations are turning their attention to Blockchain as a solution to improving patient experiences along the care continuum.

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Exponential Biometrics: How Quantum Computing Will Revolutionize Health Tracking

At Omnicom Health Group, we believe that current technologies such as biometric sensors have the ability to revolutionize patient care and diagnosis when they’re combined with the revolutionary problem-solving tools called quantum computing. We would like to know what you think.

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The Adoption of Robots in Healthcare: Physical & Virtual Humans

Robots are no longer science fiction. At Omnicom Health Group (OHG), we understand that robots are becoming more affordable, accessible, and easily integrated into our daily lives. In the healthcare space, we are beginning to see robots with real world applicability in the home, as well as chatbots that enable physicians and patients to more readily access the information they need.

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Med Tech Expo

Cannes Lions Health MedTech Expo

The Lions Health MedTech Expo, sponsored by Omnicom Health Group (OHG) and Lions Health, returned to Cannes Lions for a second year to showcase the most innovative companies in medical technology from around the world at this year’s festival.

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music therapy

Music-assisted Therapy:Much More Than Meets the Ear

Omnicom Health Group operates at the intersection of digital health, technology advancements, and culture. We are committed to finding new opportunities to define and deliver healthcare by looking at the world through a different lens. One area that draws our focus is music.

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SXSW 2017

2017 SXSW Interactive Trends

In March, Omnicom Health Group attended SXSW 2017, which is one of the largest, most renowned interactive global conferences in the world! SXSW offers an abundance of information about the latest innovations in healthcare and medtech. Among all of the impressive new companies, technologies, and ideas at SXSW, four major medtech trends rose to the top: Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Virtual Reality, and Data.

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Volume to Value

Tracking the Shift From Volume to Value in Healthcare

Capgemini Consulting and Omnicom Health Group conducted a survey with nearly 900 US healthcare providers and uncovered key trends to help Pharma companies develop strategies to compete effectively with newly available data and technology. As financial risk shifts from the payer to the provider, the pharma industry must adapt how it demonstrates the value of its products to providers. Just a few of the report’s key findings reveal the primary reliance on real-world evidence for provider treatment decisions and a call to action for pharma companies to advance more effective digital communications.

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Digital Health Trends

Our Picks for the Top Digital Health Trends of 2017

We anticipate that 2017 will not see the introduction of a "blockbuster" technology, but rather a year of growth and refinement to existing health-tech innovations. Four areas that we're keeping a close eye on are healthcare data applications, patient focused technology that moves beyond the doctor’s office, voice recognition technology, and new messaging interfaces.

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Healthcare Tech That Caught Our Eye at CES® 2017

At Omnicom Health Group, we keep up with the technology trends that impact the healthcare industry. There was no better place to see the latest and greatest than at this year’s CES® held on January 5 to January 8 in Las Vegas.

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Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

Advancements in voice recognition technology have created a new user-friendly interface, one that is approachable by everyone, including those who are not tech savvy. Read more to find out how voice recognition can be used in healthcare.

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This year, Omnicom Health Group and Harrison & Star were selected to showcase one of our own healthcare applications powered by the Watson cognitive platforms at the inaugural IBM World of Watson (WoW) conference.

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Patient-generated Healthcare Data and Smart Patches

Advancements in transdermal technology and patient-generated data are at the forefront of wearable technology. Wearables have gone beyond activity monitors, and in some cases can be sensors, monitors, and drug delivery systems.

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The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

At Omnicom Health Group, we believe that artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are transforming healthcare.

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The Future of Healthcare at Cannes Lions Health MedTech Expo

Omnicom Health Group’s technology team had a the incredible opportunity to exhibit at and lead the inaugural Lions Health MedTech Expo at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity in France in June.

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